It is all well and good me saying that I create affordable  websites but unless you understand why a website is a valuable tool for your  business, and a cheap form of advertising, I may as well have tried to sell you  a chocolate teapot! Websites are a must for almost all businesses in this  digital age as a potential customer is more likely to use a search engine ie.  Google, to find a business/product, rather than pick up the yellow pages or  look in a newspaper ads section. If you do use offline advertising a website  can be used to support the ads placed as it allows customers to find out more  information about the business in their own time and maybe make a purchase if  the site allows. 85% of the British population use the internet with 67% of  these people using the internet to shop online (source so if you do  not have a presence on the internet there is a lot of potential business that  you are missing out out. You are also restricting your business to your local  area whereas the internet can make sure business global. Some benefits of having a website include:

  • No geographical boundaries (I have clients in  Australia, Scotland and all over the UK)
  • Business is open 24/7
  • Saves you money as a website is generally  cheaper than advertising and lasts longer.
  • Content is always up to date
  • Cheap market research using surveys and aps on  the website.
  • Potential Increase in business
  • Allows the customer to find out about the  business in their own time. You can also be more detailed than on an advert as  there is more space.