Firstly i would like to say a Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a good festive period.


Have you made any new years resolutions this year? Maybe one of them is to start a business or to spruce up an existing business? Well if it is or something that you might be thinking about this is where I come in.

Now adays there are plenty of ways to get an online presence for your business including facebook, twitter, google plus, if you are looking for a basic web presence upto afull blown website. As the social media sites are almost part of everyday life I would always recommend signing up for these and using them as part of an online strategy that would incorporate a new or redesigned site.


Even if you already have a website is it looking tired? is it fully responsive? (Responsive is when it can be viewed on a number of devices including phones and tablets) A poorly designed or out of date website is worse than not having a website at all as it gives a bad impression of your business.


When starting to think about a website is always best to think about the goal you have for the site. Ie ecommerce would be to get the customer to buy products online, a standard website could be to increase brand awareness and/ or to allow customers to interact with your business online and so on.

Do you have enough time to design the site yourself using a free website builder (and will you get the desiered end result if you do?) or would you prefer to pay someone to take most of the work away from you and create a site that looks exactly how you want it to without having to compromise on some of the features that you might have to if you do it yourself.

At DS Brochure webdesign we can offer brochure sites designed from £100 and eCommerce from £300 (excluding hosting and domain name) to fully customised to your requirements and not using a generic template that site builders do.