Welcome to the Dartford hour on twitter. I set this up to be used by local businesses as a means of promoting themselves and their products to a local audience and also to interact with other Dartford businesses.

There are a lot of other #….hour’s in the country on twitter including #kenthour that runs from 8:30-9:30pm every Tuesday. Others include #sussexhour, #hampshirehour etc. These regularly attract large numbers of local businesses who have been able to use these weekly twitter events to grow their businesses with the free publicity that participating brings.

I realise that there is already a #kenthour (that I would encourage anyone participating in #dartfordhour to participate in) but I feel that there is enough of a following to support a #dartfordhour and anything that increases awareness of local business, groups and events can only be a good thing.


The Dartford hour is all about supporting local businesses, groups, organisations, charities and events in the Dartford area using the #dartfordhour hashtag and Re tweeting other people posts that have used this hashtag and while I would welcome Dartford council using this to publicise their events it is not a place to be discussing anything political or making any comments on local issues/ problems. These should be kept for another time.


If you have any other questions or comments please email me on dave@dsbrochurewebdesign.co.uk or dm me on twitter using @dswebdesign


I look forward to tweeting with you soon.